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New Orleans is the most historical setting for some of the best fortune tellers and psychics in the world. The world famous French Quarter is saturated with supernatural beliefs and they have been embedded in this mystical setting since the late 1700’s. Superstitions of all races flocked to the area to seek refuge from problems of every type and kind.

Once believed to be the voodoo capital of the world, old traditions have now transitioned into positive and helpful consultations offering much more control and effectiveness.  Tarot Card Reading is an ancient art that relies on true psychic ability and the art has been perfected in the French Quarter.

Years and years of experience passed down from countless generation allows for Antionette to be a perfectionist at telling the truth, predicting the future and casting spells.


Are you having difficulties with a cheating spouse or feeling tired of your unfulfilling career? The proper guidance can help you achieve true happiness in every area of your life. Born in New Orleans, LA, World Famous Love Psychic Antionette is the goddess of love, blessed with holy powers of white magic.

For 30 years, I have used my gift to help my clients reach their dreams and build a life they love.

One of my many talents is casting spells to get you the results you are longing for. My commitment spell can change your significant other’s reluctance about a long-term relationship. For marriages in jeopardy, my mending marriages spell can distribute positive energy between you and your spouse, rekindling your relationship in order to restore the love and passion you once had for each other. For situations that call for a more unique approach, I can conduct custom-made spells to fit your lifestyle or desires—no situation is too difficult to fix.

Antionette has been featured in many award-winning magazines, has helped countless celebrities, and has assisted law enforcement agencies in finding missing people.

No matter what your situation may be, I can assist. I can help you meet your heart’s desires and lead you to the path of happiness. Call today for a phone consultation!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Whether you're in need of a love spell or a solution for a cheating significant other, my services have a 100 percent guarantee. Not only are the results effective, but they will last as long as you need them to.

Customized experience

For all of my clients, I create a unique and customized experience. I am able to assess your past, present, and future to help give you a different perspective on how to achieve your deepest desires.

Phone consultations

For those out of the local New Orleans area, do not despair; I conduct phone consultations nationwide. No matter where you are, I am able to tune into the obstacle in your life and guide you towards a solution.
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